• Behind thousands of twinkling stars, in a galaxy far away, there was a planet called JoJo. It was the yummiest place in the whole universe. Made of sugar and treats, the planet JoJo was home to lovely little aliens named Popas.

  • Popas had two antennae on their heads and round bodies in different colours of the beautiful rainbow. They were funny, sometimes clumsy, but most of the time jolly. And they liked to eat candies. They would champ, munch, and crunch, filling their puffy tummies with all kinds of flavours. And because of that, they worked hard every day to make the most delicious sweets.

  • But one day, something terrible happened. Popas eaten all the sugar needed to make their food. So they had to leave their planet and look for another place to live. Flying through vast space, they saw the planet Earth shining like a blue marble. "Look, guys! It's Earth!" All the Popas lined up by the window wanting to see their new home. Finally, Popas landed safely on earth. The sugar fields were expanding indefinitely.

  • But most important of all they overwhelmed with kindness and hospitality of human beings little Popas decided to stay there. They opened a factory and offered people a variety of sweets. People were delighted with flavours they had never tasted before.

  • In memory of their beautiful planet, Popas named their factory JoJo. They started working hard again, coming up with new ideas and delicious inventions. But most importantly, Popas got a new home where they lived happily ever after.

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